Whether it is for an addition to your collection or simply out of curiosity, you may be wondering what are the advantages of buying the work that excites you in the gallery.

To be able to make an informed choice, it is useful to know a little more about the role of art galleries and the benefits you can derive from them.

Let's learn more together about this place full of treasures to discover.

What is an art gallery?

This is the first question to ask! First of all, an art gallery is a place where several professional artists meet; recognized people or new talents, which the gallery itself has often selected. It's not just a business; it is an attractive visual presentation that showcases the work of the artist.

Those in charge of the art gallery are called gallerists; these specialists in art in all its forms have in-depth knowledge of the market and are an essential reference both for the clientele and for the artist. This passionate and competent team knows how to weave a bond of trust and collaboration between the person who created the work and the person who looks at it and appreciates it.

The art gallery represents the artist and considers his needs. This is why certain galleries attract you more than another; they share the values ​​of the artist and some touch you more particularly.

What can the art gallery do for you?

Buying a work of art can be exciting, but also intimidating! To make a stress-free decision, gallery owners are the best people to answer your questions. They guide you in your choices as well as in the buying process, the different framing options, the maintenance of your works, etc.

Plus, you get expert advice, suggestions and recommendations tailored to your needs and situation. As an example, you can consult this article which presents 10 tips for acquiring a work of art .

What are the advantages of buying in a gallery?

By purchasing your favorite in an art gallery, you will have access to:

  • Targeted support on the work of the artists and on your needs
  • Easy communication
  • A simplified transaction
  • Documentation and archives (invoicing, certificate of authenticity, certificate for insurance, etc.)
  • Lower delivery cost
  • A return policy
  • A legal guarantee

As you can see, the benefits are many. Thinking about every eventuality is not always easy; the gallery owners are there to help you see things more clearly. It's their job!

The Berthelet art gallery is an excellent example. Thanks to its way of innovating, its simplicity and its diversity, the Berthelet gallery team makes art accessible to everyone.

In summary

The art gallery knows the market well and its expertise is invaluable. Since it chooses the artists it represents, the gallery also assures you of the quality of the creation you wish to acquire. Buying in a gallery is synonymous with confidence and peace of mind to allow you to fully appreciate your favorite work.