Galerie d'art Berthelet was born out of a desire to make art accessible and to allow a simplified shopping experience through its online transactional store.

In order to make discover modern and contemporary works of art with various techniques, of all styles and all prices of professional artists from here and overseas.

Orchestrated by a passionate team, the gallery specializes in supporting companies and institutions, the sale and rental of works of art, as well as the printing of works of art.

The Berthelet Art Gallery is about sharing quality, beauty in a simple and friendly accompaniment.

The team

Olivier Mineau

Co-founder and CEO

Olivier Mineau, co-founder with more than 20 years of experience in team management and business development in the construction industry, has acquired solid expertise in the management of large-scale projects while maintaining the concern for client satisfaction.

Caroline St-Pierre

Co-founder, artistic director and painter

Caroline St-Pierre, co-founder of Galerie Berthelet, brings 20 years of experience on the art scene as a painter and in the development of corporate projects. His experience has been built on his collaborations, exhibitions and teaching of art to be able to know the current trends and the evolution of techniques.