More than a way to decorate the walls of your premises, integrating works of art into your business can make all the difference in terms of the customer experience, but also that of the people who work for you. Does this intrigue you? Continue reading…


What can a work of art do for your business?


You have built your business and you are very proud of it. You have values, a mission and a corporate vision, and this helps to increase the feeling of belonging to it. Adding works of art to your work environment will allow anyone who walks through your doors to live this vision and these values, to feel the emotion that emanates from them. The work of art is then the gateway to the customer experience; it creates a welcoming climate and attracts the eye. Whether for yourself, your staff, your customers or your guests, laying eyes on an original canvas or a sculpture leaves no one indifferent.


Many types of businesses use art in the office; for example, several works are displayed in the entrance halls, reception rooms, dining rooms and even in the rooms of hotels and inns. These companies have offered, without knowing it, an increasingly important place in the promotion of contemporary art. They thus make it possible to support the work of artists from here and elsewhere and to make art accessible to everyone.


The benefits of a work of art in your office


Integrating a work of art into your premises allows you to identify your company's philosophy, to reflect the image you want to project and to create a feeling of belonging for your customers towards it. Observing a work of art creates a visual harmony that calms the mind and brings a feeling of well-being.

The human aspect and productivity

That's not all ! Art in business is a vector of growth. By promoting interactions and discussions among your teams and by stimulating their creativity and their spirit of innovation, you create a team building activity par excellence without you having to plan the least organization. The work of art itself generates the effect of sharing and exchange. In addition, involving your staff members in the choice of works ensures the success of the work environment and allows them to identify with the company, to feel that they are part of the team.

The strategic aspect and profitability

At the corporate level, the work of art is both an aesthetic and a strategic tool. She allows to :

  • Give character and style to your offices
  • Change the atmosphere you want to create in your company
  • Contribute to deepening your visual identity, which sets you apart from the competition


In fact, art is a unique communication tool!


In addition to all of these benefits and the added value to your business, when you use art in the office, you promote and financially support the artists as well as the art gallery. And it also allows you to reduce your taxes. Eh yes ! Supporting an artist from Canada by purchasing a work of art gives you a tax advantage. How it works ? By exhibiting the work in your offices, you can claim a depreciation deduction corresponding to 33.33% of its acquisition cost at the provincial level and 20% at the federal level. In this way, the amount invested for your purchase is spread over time.


Remember that artwork should be displayed in your offices, not your personal residence. However, if you are self-employed, such as an accountant, massage therapist, psychologist, etc., and your offices are located at your home, you can still obtain this deduction.

Learn more about tax benefits!


In summary


In short, whether you are a large company or a small SME, it does not matter; any company can benefit from the opportunity to display works of art in their workplace and enjoy the certain advantages that this gives them. Up to you !

Let's discuss the possibilities together .