At Berthelet, we believe that art should be integrated into the workplace in order to create a better customer experience as well as a more inspiring and motivating work environment.

How to incorporate art into your business


tax deduction

Allows an increase in the value of your investment

Possibility of installation of the works in your premises by our specialists


Duration of the offer adaptable to your needs

Allows you to discover a greater number of works and artists

Lower monetary burden

Possibility of forward purchase

Possibility of installation of the works in your premises by our specialists

Custom made

Design of a tailor-made project

FineArt printing for your corporate gifts

Live performance at one of your parties

Opening at your premises

Advantage of art in your premises

Works of art stimulate the creativity of your employees while improving their workplaces.

The purchase of works of art provides tax advantages
Improves the image of the company and helps to highlight its values.

A decoration rich in art makes it possible to promote exchanges and discussions with the company's guests.

What are the tax benefits in Quebec and Canada?

Consult our blog “ DARE TO MAKE YOUR OFFICES A WORK OF ART! ” for all the details.

For other countries or simply to find out more, please contact us to find out what tax benefits you are entitled to.


interior designer

Benefit from a wide choice of original works and Artprints to insert into the decor of your customers.

Affiliate program for interior design professionals.

Possibility of ArtPrint in large volume for hotels and restaurant chains.