Agnès Robin

Born in 1963 in the suburbs of Paris, the artist Agnès Robin has lived in Quebec for more than thirty years. She settled in Terrasse Vaudreuil where, for several years, she has been working in her studio at home.

A professional questioning will lead him to complete a solo trip around the world, which will rekindle his passion for art. Upon her return, she will complete a DEC in Presentation Design, including two excellence scholarships that will only confirm her new career choice.

Following various work experiences in decor workshops, her need to create and independence will push her to found her own company ''Artifiss''. It will offer a variety of services ranging from window dressing to the creation of signs, including decorative painting (faux-finishes, patinas, murals, etc.) and the creation of mosaic accessories.

Always interested in painting, her job will make her rediscover this passion. Artistic painting now takes an important place in his life.

Passionate, she embarked on a self-taught way in the realization of artistic paintings, exploring various mediums (collages, felt-tip pens, pastels, gold leaf, etc.).