Graffiti Artist and Painter


Alfred Castet is a European artist, originally from Guadeloupe, France. Graffiti artist, painter and globetrotter, this artist transports us to the notion of the portrait where his hypersensitivity to human beings and the nature that surrounds them emerges. Alfredus is fascinated by artistic expression in Street Art.

Through this Caribbean archipelago, he was introduced to this atypical school of the bass of the handling of the aerosol can with pioneers of the Street-art scene.

From Bordeaux to Australia, her academic and artistic career led her to explore the culture of the world. It is through his experiences that the artist developed his approach and his own colors which forged his artistic signature.

Sensitive to the colors of his island and its culture, he finds his balance in adventure, encounters in order to channel this energy through his creations.

Working in several mediums, he produces paintings and frescoes that he describes as subjective and does not claim anything in particular other than to "protect, observe, represent humans and the environment in the form that seems to him the most spontaneous and closer to his emotions.

Photo credit: Alain Cassang