collage artist


Andrée-Anne Guay was born in 1986 and lives in the Limoilou district of Quebec. His academic career vacillates between the Arts and Archival. The fruit of his labor is a combination of these two passions. Archives are the basis of his works, his main source of inspiration. With the collage, she builds new links to make the fragments of the cut-out images speak.

Over the years, Andrée-Anne has made a name for herself thanks to her multiple exhibitions in micro-breweries and cafés in Quebec such as Vice & Versa, Café Maelstrom, NYKS, 507, etc. She has also participated in several auctions such as the annual BABA and craft markets such as the Salon Nouveau Genre. She has a desire to introduce the world of Arts to the public by exhibiting in these accessible places.

Following a training at Atelier Retailles, in 2019, Andrée-Anne developed an interest in handmade paper. She begins to manufacture them and to amalgamate artisanal papers with these works which allows her to enrich her plastic language and to seek freedom in the gesture as well as in the messages of her works. It is thanks to a grant from Première Ovation that she has developed a collection of original collages where painting, drawing, archival document and handmade paper come together.

His collages celebrate the beauty of the universe in all its originality and complexity.

She consciously mixes various elements drawn from different eras and cultures. Far from wanting to create clashes and confrontations, she weaves passages between codes and cultural languages ​​in order to celebrate them with the idea of ​​a great universal and timeless aesthetic celebration. What emerges is a heterogeneous world and a new heteronomy that invites reflection.