visual artist

Emmanuelle Breton

Emmanuelle Breton has graduate studies in visual arts from Laval University with a specialization in printmaking and mixed media on paper. She has been a nature lover since her childhood lived in Les Etchemins, a rural region of Quebec in Canada.

A professional artist since 2001, she articulates her artistic work around identity through recurring themes: rurality, family roots and values, mourning and hope, the place of women in society. She creates in her studio surrounded by mature trees in the City of Lévis.

His work is expressed in a deep desire to share values ​​of environmental protection as well as respect for others; she uses symbols relating to nature: tree, root, bird, hook, boat, etc., as well as personal icons that nevertheless have a universal anchoring such as the house, the circle, the square, the white, the black, the blue and red. All combined on the bed of his engraving press forming poetic images using materials such as chine collé, white paper and embossing.