FANNY is a young Quebec painter practicing her art on the south shore of Montreal. Self-taught and passionate, she offers works on canvas using various mixed techniques from matter to digital montages and collages.

At first, she worked as a landscape designer. She designed and produced unique and colorful landscaping for a high-end residential clientele. She was also a designer for more than ten years. During this period, she specialized in the design and realization of residential interiors as well as in the preparation of sketches of properties which were then used as inspiration by renowned architects and engineers.

During the past three years, FANNY has already had the opportunity to be exhibited in several renowned galleries in Canada and the United States, in addition to collaborating with several charities working on issues close to her heart.

His artistic approach focuses on a new form of hybrid art by mixing classic canvas painting with digital creation, all in order to create a new, modern technique whose results are unique and totally spectacular.

The artist refuses to limit himself to one style or technique and does not seek to create at all costs. Through shapes, colors and textures, her creative process is based on the impulse and emotion of the present moment. It leaves no room for formalism or an imposed academic creative approach. Everything is a question of intuition and technicalities resulting from unique works synonymous with freedom.

“The meaning of life is to find your gifts. The purpose of life is to give it to others”

- Pablo Picasso