Isabelle Beaubien

Isabelle Beaubien has lived and worked in Drummondville since 2018 after residing between France, England and Florida for nearly 20 years. His training at the École supérieure des beaux-arts Cornouille in Quimper, France, at Concordia University – Major in painting and drawing and Minor in psychology in Montreal, at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Nice, Villa Arson in France as well as at the London School of Photography in London, UK, led her to professionalize as an artist.

Since 2015, she has presented her works at more than twenty contemporary art fairs in Europe, Asia and the United States. She has had more than thirty solo and group exhibitions to her credit, and her works are now part of numerous public and private collections in Canada and abroad.

Isabelle Beaubien uses atypical tools to create works that question us about their final form. His textured paintings can give us the effect of seeing digital prints or collages.

Isabelle explains: “The final effect of my paintings is so powerful that they have often tricked the eye and can easily pass for digital print work. It is at this moment that my art takes all its strength, pushing the limits of paint, texture and form to a point where the observer does not know what he has in front of him. »

The composition, the detail and how the light reacts with his pieces are his key elements in each of his creations. The choice of his paintings is very important insofar as the interaction between surfaces, matter and light are the pillars of each work. The artist uses a combination of acrylic enhanced with resin to create surprising and dazzling effects on canvas or on tondo of wood dripping with colors. His method of applying paint to the surface is made up of quick and controlled gestures, with an expressive and relaxed force.