Multidisciplinary artist and actress

Julie Beauchemin

Known in the artistic community for the past twenty years as an actress, voice dubber, storyteller and author of tales, Julie Beauchemin's career clearly colors her approach to the visual arts, naturally leading her to try to tell stories. through his images. Originally from the Eastern Townships (Quebec) of a family of craftsmen-farmers-musicians, the artist discovered photography ten years ago and then accumulated several training courses in photography and visual arts.

His practice takes the form of digital interventions on photographs and is technically close to digital prints and aesthetically to drawing or painting. Her process is one of exploration, contemplation, construction and intervention.

Through common symbols such as small houses or typical Quebec seasonal landscapes, his visual discourse, sometimes figurative and sometimes abstract, revolves around our relationship to the larger. His works, often luminous and generally minimalist, are imbued with a fascination with the unfathomable and with the loneliness worthy of being human.

She has received several awards including Director's Award PhotoPlace Gallery Vermont, FAPA nominee, Fine Arts Photography Awards and LensCulture Emerging Talents Award.

Photo credit: Isabelle Lafontaine