visual artist

Karine Demers

Originally from Quebec, it is in the Lanaudière region that Karine Demers now devotes herself to her artistic journey. Self-taught visual artist, the artist studied interior design and building design. She then moved on to other areas while continuing to create on an ad hoc basis.

It is through art therapy that she resumes creation in 2013, in order to have a tool to control an eating disorder, as well as an obsessive compulsive disorder and severe anxiety.

Inspired by paper as a medium, it is by folding it into simple shapes and in very large numbers that her pieces are constructed. She works with paper drawing inspiration from various techniques borrowed from the traditions of origami, mosaic and sculpture. Light and shadows create this three-dimensional aspect of his works arousing curiosity and astonishment. The art of folding has become a foundation for his approach and above all, for his personality through the work of patience, creative vitality, but also through the delicacy of certain pieces.

In compositions of clear shapes, this artist works on the repetition of simple elements resulting in an exemplary complexity and meticulousness in each of her pieces.