Multidisciplinary Artist

Linda Vachon

Originally from Centre-du-Québec, Linda Vachon is a self-taught artist who has been exploring photography and image processing, which she has been practicing since the 2000s. The discovery of European poster artists guided her approach very early on. She chooses to work on a wooden panel, a support that reminds her of these city palisades covered by the accumulation of posters, an urban landscape that she loves and that inspires her.

Moving from digital drawing to printmaking on paper, she works with different mediums such as acrylic, oil and pencil. She also frequently uses photography and digitizes each step of her creative process. The human being is his main subject of research. From meeting to meeting, she gets in touch with its colors and shades. She describes her work as “a long conversation between timeless women who are both me and others. »

Each new creation has a part of an existing work as its starting point: by playing with the details of her illustrations to incorporate them into a new work, she sets up a common thread that transmits a moving message, imbued with intimacy. and connection between the beings that make up his universe.

Winner of the Media Arts Prize at the Galart and at the Montreal Poetry Festival, Linda Vachon aspires to sharing, to narration between the spectator and her eclectic universe.