Painter and Singer

Martine St-Clair

Since 2001, the artist Martine St-Clair, expresses both on canvas and in songs, emotions and love.

Always looking to transmit to his audience the passion that inhabits him, his paintings are, like his repertoire which has touched the hearts of thousands of fans all over the world, sensitive and assertive.

“My songs have found their way into the hearts and homes of a wide audience of all ages. They are filled with different emotions and feelings, just like my paintings.”

Abstract art naturally manifested itself as the best style to communicate the states of mind that inspire Miss St-Clair during the creation of each work.

“For me, abstract art is letting its forms, its history, its colors present themselves to me and letting the imagination do its work.”

An accomplished self-taught artist, she masters different techniques, from oil to acrylic. She likes the use of different materials such as Swarosvki stones and gold leaf, always looking for the best technique to convey the emotions that inhabit her at the time of creation.

"In the paintings you will see, you will discover these elements that define me as an artist."

“My art is free and straightforward! My sensitivity is my strength always listening to the element that triggers this desire, this thirst to convey on canvas my emotions in the face of life and its corridors.

"From the "Maps" collection through the "Acrylics on parchment paper", without forgetting "The geometry of love" interspersed with paintings guided by the inspiration of the moment, you will retrace the path that leads to my most recent works. .”

“More abstract in style, with titles evoking the feelings that inhabited me when they were created, the eyes of those who look at them plunge straight into the meanders of my heart, of my soul.”

“I am proud to present these works from my “Vintage” collection.

An inspired and prolific artist whose collection of works is becoming more and more imposing, this artist has not finished surprising us.

"I sincerely hope that these works will touch your heart, that they will make you dream and discover the nuances of my soul."

Photo credit: Alexandre Deslauriers and Hadi Mourad