Painter and Graphic Designer


Nancy Létourneau is a graphic designer, painter and (was) ultra marathon runner from Quebec. After studying visual arts at Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy and a bachelor of arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal, she continued her studies in graphic design. She graduated in 1999 and set up her business: Studio Pixels. The following years are mainly devoted to her job as a graphic designer, which she exercises independently, as well as to her little family which is taking shape.

In May 2011, Nancy took up running, a sport that quickly became her escape.

The enthusiasm for this discipline is a revelation for Nancy; she participates, among other things, in a major running event for the benefit of a good cause: the Montreal-New York Challenge 2013 during which she lines up 80km! In her burst of motivation, the taste for the arts resurfaces and this is how she reconnects with painting, her first passion.

It was in this wave of strides and finish lines that she embarked on the development of the “Footprint” project, a series of works inspired by running. The artist creates texture with imprints of the soles of old running shoes recovered from his runner friends. Either in the plaster or the paint itself, these imprints represent this sport of physical power and mental strength. To each of the works, Nancy adds one or more silhouettes of runners, a discreet presence in an abstract landscape, a presence necessary for the soul of each solitary runner. Following a foot injury in 2018, Nancy can no longer really run and over time has abandoned this series. The latest in this series dates from 2019.

Recipient of the 2013 Honorable Mention in the "Agents are looking for talents" competition of the

Galerie Maison Dupont de Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Nancy Létourneau adopts an artistic approach imbued with her two passions, which will allow her to present her creations in several exhibitions (solo and collective) and running events. Recipient of the SIDIM Excellence Award and Coup de coeur ART X TERRA in the LA GALERIE section at SIDIM 2015. The works of Studio Pixels touched by his artistic approach which combines his other passions, namely nature, painting and running walk.

Always in love with hiking, sunrises and sunsets, the beauty of nature that every moment offers us and unable to focus on a single medium “Unexplored Nature” was born.

Intuitively and spontaneously, Pixels explores the richness and infinite possibilities offered by different mediums such as acrylic, gouache, collage, oil stick, alcohol ink and watercolor inks. . The colors, sometimes fleeting, sometimes shimmering, blend into each other giving the impression of being in an enchanting dream. The fiber of the papers she uses

throat of each material, the pigments meet and intertwine causing a real explosion of vitality. This is followed by a slow and meticulous work where the artist superimposes

pencil lines that come to draw and define shapes sometimes vegetal, sometimes floral. The result is striking. The works of Pixels thus offer a unique journey to the heart of an unexplored, mysterious, invented nature that leaves us room for our own interpretation.

Photo credit: Montreal Portrait