Tanya Aubut

Tanya Aubut is a painter from Saguenay, growing up in an artistic environment. Over time, she explores her gesture and a colorful palette to create a style all her own. In 2021, she launched and produced her first collections of paintings, leading her to be recognized by her peers and to be represented internationally.

Specialized in mixed techniques, her research leads her to perfect her art by combining various styles to create an artistic signature of her own. Indeed, the artist's creative process is inspired by Street Art, Abstract Art and Pop Art. She paints portraits filled with emotions, exploring various themes such as love and self-confidence. Each painting is like a self-portrait for the artist. Exploring various mediums, she always seeks to renew her techniques and push her concepts.

Moreover, its process is very intuitive, leaving room for spontaneity and expression throughout the creation of a work. The first stages of a painting are therefore done without a plan or sketches, she lets her emotions of the moment flow onto the canvas, and the colors that make her want. This is how she creates an atmosphere that will welcome a portrait, either feminine or masculine.

“I don't really like to give a specific meaning to my works. I like when people create their own interpretation and can share their feelings about my ideas”.