Zoé Boivin

Zoé moved to Montreal to pursue her artistic flair in 2010. After her studies in graphic design and communications, she began a career in the media field where she developed her artistic outlook, giving way to her creative sensibility.

Inspired by the great artists of her generation whom she meets in her various work experiences, Zoé connects to her vision and in turn shares her passion for creating images, in order to make the world more beautiful in her own way, one emotion at a time.

The artist uses paint as well as a wide range of mediums such as acrylic, pastel, watercolor, ink and drawing to express freedom and self-expression. His work is part of a contemporary abstract trend.

Through gestures as spontaneous as they are organic, each work aims to be a gateway to a universe in which we can read the emotions that emerge as the piece develops. Zoé elicits emotions in her works through the use of colors and shapes, as well as human and animal presences in abstract forms, which are representative of the subconscious. She currently uses acrylic, pastel, watercolor, ink and drawing as a medium.

Photo credit: Emmanuel Crombez